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GESS Gender and Diversity Committee


Gender & Diversity Committee

At the GESS we celebrate the diverse backgrounds and ideas of our students and believe that these are the key to taking full advantage of human potential in all of its facets. We closely cooperate with the University Department of Gender Equality and Social Diversity to create, embed and continually develop sustainable equal opportunity structures.

The Gender and Diversity Committee is accompanying and monitoring our efforts in order to ensure that the GESS remains sensitive to matters relating to gender and diversity.

The committee currently consists of 8 elected members, namely five students, two professors across doctoral centers, as well as a representative of the Department of Gender Equality and Social Diversity. The members serve as a first point of contact, and offer help and information on topics such as discrimination, parental leave, child care services etc.

In accordance with the Guideline of Fair Conduct, the GESS does not tolerate behavior that violates another person’s dignity and integrity. Moreover, compatibility of career and family is a key topic. Students and staff are entitled to use parent-child-offices, and students with children benefit from discounts at the ‘Kinderhaus’ provided by the ‘Studierendenwerk Mannheim’.

In case of questions or problems, committee members can be contacted directly, or via the following e-mail address: gessgdc(at) .

Members of the Gender and Diversity Committee


For any conflicts between students and supervisors the following Ombudspersons are available for confidential discussions:

Links and Documents

  • University of Mannheim code of conduct can be found here
  • Child care services provided by the University
    • The ‘Kinderhaus’ is part of  the ‘Studierendenwerk Mannheim’ and currently offers 84 places for children between the ages of 1 and 6.
    • The University of Mannheim and the Collaborative Research Center 884 offer a parent-child-office (in B6, 30-32), which can be used for self-organized care-taking.