"Our mission is to train young academics according to best international practice with a strong focus on excellence in research." Prof. Thomas Bräuninger, CDSS Faculty



Graduate School of Economic & Social Sciences

Student Life and Support

GESS students enter a highly personalized and supportive academic and administrative environment. Not only do they share offices with fellow students during the course of the program phase. Students will also regularly interact with peers from other doctoral centers through classes, social events and brown-bag seminar series.


The GESS is located in the heart of the city of Mannheim. Most parts of the University of Mannheim are housed in one of the largest baroque palaces in Europe.

The city of Mannheim is a major urban center in the vibrant metropolitan area of the Rhine-Neckar-Triangle. Together with Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen this region constitutes 2,4 million inhabitants, a great infrastructure and businesses that are active on a global scale. Mannheim is surrounded by low mountain ranges that belong to one of the most famous wine growing regions in Germany, the Electoral Palatinate.


A huge selection of housing options helps students to quickly become familiar with Mannheim and its surroundings.

German Language Courses

The University of Mannheim offers a variety of German language courses, such as preparatory intensive language courses, language courses during the semester and the International Summer Academy/Winter Academy. However, the International Summer Academy/Winter Academy are more then just language courses: apart from an intensive course in the morning, they also provide students the opportunity to attend a number of seminars. In these seminars students will learn about the culture and popular mindsets of Germany or attend language practice courses to deepen their knowledge of the German language.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center can give valuable advice to foreign students and researchers on issues such as immigration, housing, practical training and transactions with foreign governments.

Center for Educational Development (HDZ)

Concerning teaching activities, the Center for Educational Development (HDZ) of the University of Mannheim offers a wide range of courses (e.g. planning courses, motivating students) and individual consultancies. The ministerial 'Baden-Württemberg Certificate' can also be achieved by the Center for Educational Development, which fulfills international higher education standards and is widely accepted in tenure procedures. 

Gender Equality and Social Diversity (SGSV)

The Department of Gender Equality and Social Diversity (SGSV) of the University of Mannheim acts as a central coordinator for gender equality efforts which affect the whole University. It provides tailor-made Human Resource Development Programs for junior female scientists and offers gender counseling for applications for third party funds for research projects. The Counseling Service provides assistance in all issues concerning reconciliation of family and work/studies as well as personal matters.

Sports Facilities

The University of Mannheim is offering a broad range of athletic and fitness facilities. GESS students will have easy access to activities, classes and equipment.

New Research Building

The University of Mannheim is planning a new research building. Once it is available for use, all of our students will be united under one roof and will experience even stronger collaborative and supportive relationships with each other.