Become part of a vibrant and international research community! We are looking for highly-qualified students who consider following an academic career.


Before you apply

Could you please review my resume, qualifications etc attached to this email to check if I am eligible for the program?
We will not assess any documents prior to submission or give a forecast on your chances of entering the program.  Admission criteria are listed here: Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Are there any tuition fees?
There are no tuitions fees, just a small semester fee of €194.30 Euros per term (2021/22).

Are there scholarships and other funding opportunities available?
Students accepted into the program are guaranteed funding for the duration of the program. Its length varies from 3 years in the Social Sciences to 5 years in Economics. This might translate into a scholarship in the first year and research assistant positions in the following years.

Do I need to have a fully developed research proposal when I apply?
We do not require a research proposal at the time of application. However, it is very important to show in your motivation letter that you have a clear idea about your research interests and how these meet with the current research of respective faculty member(s) you would be interested in working with.

Do I have to find a supervisor?
Students do not have to find a supervisor prior to the semester start.

Do I need to speak German for admission into the program?          
No. The program is taught entirely in English.

Application Materials

Do I need to send transcripts with my application?
Applicants are required to upload transcripts into our online application system: official hard copy/paper transcripts are not required at the time of application.

Which test is needed for admission?
Depending on the program you are applying to, prospective students must provide the following:

CDSB - GMAT (or GRE) – no exemption
CDSE - GRE – no exemption

Refer to the admission page of the respective program for more information.

Can I be exempted from taking the TOEFL test (for CDSS) if my previous degree was exclusively taught in English?
Yes. Submit an official letter from your university confirming the curriculum was taught in English. Add this document to the PDF of your Master degree.

Am I required to send my GRE/GMAT/TOEFL via the testing service or is the submission of the test-taker’s copy sufficient?
Upload your test-taker´s copy in your online application and ask the testing service to send us the official scores.

I have not completed my Master thesis yet. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes. However applicants must provide proof that you completed your Master’s degree by latest 30 November of any given year.

I do not have my final transcript yet as I will complete my Master’s/Bachelor’s degree by August 201X. What should I do?
Submit your most recent transcript.

I am asked to upload multiple documents in a particular section of the application whereas the provided space only supports one document How can I upload my e.g. transcripts as well as my degree certificates?
Merge all PDFs into a single document and compress the merged PDF if it exceeds the size limit.

What are the guidelines for the Writing Sample?
Please attach a writing sample of up to 10 pages (not more than 3500 words, bibliography excluded), e.g. a paper you have written during your studies, a representative excerpt from your thesis, or an essay on a topic related to your research interests.

I will receive a particular document later. Can I submit my application without this document and send it later once I receive it?
Do not submit your application as long as documents are missing prior to the application deadline.

Will you consider late submissions?
Submissions after the application deadline will not be accepted.

Which document should I upload in the Work Experience section?
You are required to upload a reference issued by your employer.        

Can I provide details of my work experiences in the Stays Abroad section?
We are most interested in your academic stays abroad, but will consider work experiences as well.


Letters of Recommendation and troubleshooting

I have already filled in the Referees’ Data section, but they have not been contacted yet. What should I do?
Ask them to check their spam folders and contact us (application(at) if they do not find it there. We will resend the request to your referees.

I want to change my referee’s data. What should I do?
Write an email to application(at) with the new contact details.

How many letters of recommendation are required?
Two letters of recommendation are required from faculty or scholars who are able to assess your ability and potential for academic research and teaching. We only accept reference letters submitted via our online system.

After submitting my application, I realized that I made a mistake. How can I fix it?
Write an email to indicating clearly the correction and the section where you want the correction to be made.

I am facing a technical error. What should I do?
Write an email to describing the error as detailed as possible. Attach a screen shot if possible. Our  IT-support will contact you once the issue is fixed.