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The Management Area within the Business School of the University of Mannheim (Brauer, BiemannHelmig,Hoisl,Schons,Woywode) covers the fields of corporate social responsibility, human resource management, international management, public and non-profit management, and small- and medium-size enterprises. Research in these fields shares a strong methodological basis with the social sciences. Many challenging research questions in this field require an interfunctional and interdisciplinary approach within business administration, economics, and social sciences. Insights are frequently obtained from industrial practice and therefore survey design and data collection methods play a prominent role in research in business strategy and management.


Fields of Research

The members of the area management conduct fundamental research as well as research on the frontier to industry. They produce a substantial yearly amount of research contributions. A dynamic research environment is indispensable for excellent study conditions since state-of-the-art teaching is impossible without a profound research background. The area covers a wide spectrum of research fields.

Research interests of the Chair of Strategic and International Management center mainly on strategic corporate transformation and restructuring, corporate strategy and governance, management of growth, effectiveness of management tools and practices in strategy formulation and implementation,  and on strategic decision-making.

Main research fields of the Chair of Human Resource Management and Leadership are primarily in leadership, strategic and international human resource management, careers and career patterns, methods in management research, and knowledge transfer in teams.

The Chair of Public and Nonprofit Management aims to develop and improve management concepts and instruments for public administrations, state-owned enterprises and private nonprofit organizations. Important research fields are strategic management, human resource management and organization for public and nonprofit organizations.

The main research interests of the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility are the relationship between CSR and firm success, CSR management in profit and nonprofit organizations, social and working standards in developing countries, and sustainability in supply chain management.

Focal research fields of the Chair of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship are management concepts in small and medium-sized businesses, information and communication technology in small and medium-sized businesses, family businesses, self-employment, and entrepreneurship.

Main research fields of the Chair of Organization and Innovation are organizational creativity & innovation, knowledge management, gender gaps in science and innovation, IP strategy & management, and entrepreneurial finance.


Program Structure

The course program in “Management” covers the foundations of strategic management, behavioral theory in organizations, and non-profit management.  


Program Overview