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Travel Support for CDSB Students

General Information

The CDSB encourages students to present their work at international conferences. If their papers are accepted, the CDSB grants financial support for the participation of students at top international conferences. The amount reimbursed depends on the importance of the conference visited.

Please note that students can only apply once for financial support for the presentation of the same working paper at a conference.

In addition to the CDSB travel support, the University of Mannheim also offers a limited number of travel grants to international conferences, summer schools and research stays through the funds of the IDEUM program.


Rules for obtaining Reimbursement

For obtaining travel reimbursement, the following rules should be observed:

  1. Prior to your trip, you must hand in the Application form for financial support including your working paper or presentation, conference program and confirmation of acceptance / invitation letter.
  2. After your trip, you must hand in supporting documentation to obtain expense reimbursement and the completed GESS Travel Reiumbursement Form.
  3. Transportation and accommodation costs must be reasonable and appropriate. Please make use of rebates and other reductions if available.
  4. Train tickets will be reimbursed for second class only. Bahncard and other reductions should be used.
  5. Taxi costs cannot be reimbursed.
  6. The CDSB pays no daily allowance.
  7. The reimbursement policy of the CDSB is based on documentation of reasonable and actual expenses, supported by original receipts which must be submitted for all travel expenses including airline and rail, and hotels.

Please note that travel reimbursement is only available for scholarship holders.