"I really enjoy the multinational working and research environment with highly qualified and open-minded fellow students from all over the world." Behnaz Gholami, CDSB

Himani Singh


Himani Singh was born in Delhi, India. She pursued her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. Having graduated top of her university class in Bachelor's, she went on to attain her Master's degree, also in Psychology, from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. During her studies, she worked as a student research associate for an interdisciplinary project on conflict management and peace building, as well as a curriculum developer and trainer for a project on community capacity-building. She was also a research intern at the Defence Institute of Psychological Research in Delhi, where she designed psychometric instruments for screening applicants to the Indian armed forces and undertook research on the coping and well-being of armed forces personnel. Since graduating from her Masters, she has worked as an assistant manager for an Indian-origin, big data-driven digital advertising start-up, overseeing organisational research and analytics. As part of her responsibilities, she designed, implemented and evaluated several organisation-wide research, analytics, culture-building, and learning and development initiatives.

Research Interests
Creativity and Innovation
Knowledge sharing
Emotion and Thought
Routinisation and Disruption

Why I chose the University of Mannheim and in particular the GESS
The University of Mannheim is internationally renowned not only for its excellence in the business, economic and social sciences, but also for its willingness to provide opportunities to learners of all nationalities who wish to produce cutting-edge research insights of international relevance. Advanced curriculum, interdisciplinary exposure and comprehensive infrastructural support for research make the GESS doctoral programs a significant opportunity for researchers such as myself, who are driven to accelerate their learning and produce research insights of the highest standards. In addition, the rich cultural and historical roots of the university also allow students to ground themselves in an intellectual tradition that has withstood the test of time. Perhaps most significantly, having the opportunity to be mentored by the CDSB’s faculty, whose expertise is uncontested and who have had tremendous impact on management research, is an invaluable experience for developing the perspective and ingenuity I need to make substantial academic and professional contributions.

The best part of being a doctoral student here

The interdisciplinarity and research-centrism of the GESS ensure an excellent academic environment for students, particularly in terms of the people we get to work with. Faculty and colleagues from several disciplines, housed within the three centers, welcome the opportunity to discuss, review and help develop my skills, research ideas and academic projects in several ways.

A description of my fellow students

Intelligent, insightful and helpful – my fellow students are some of the most engaged, collaborative and friendly researchers I’ve come to know. They enrich the learning experience provided by the program.

My most challenging experience within the program

Finding the balance between managing research and coursework is often challenging. The GESS offers several great theory and method courses, which can be quite demanding, particularly if they’re offered by a different disciplinary area. However, these also tend to be the courses I learn a lot from, and the demands of the program prepare me for the self-management necessary as a doctoral researcher. 

My advice for prospective students

If you find a good match between your own interests and the research areas represented within the GESS, don’t hesitate to apply! The GESS programs offer several opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be a successful researcher. As long as you’re motivated and willing to collaborate with others, the GESS programs can be a transformative experience.



SCANCOR PhD Workshop on Institutional Analysis
Place: Mannheim, Germany