"I really enjoy the multinational working and research environment with highly qualified and open-minded fellow students from all over the world." Behnaz Gholami, CDSB

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Yufang Sun

Yufang Sun

Yufang “Sabrina” Sun grew up in Dalian, a harbor city on the Chinese East Coast. Before starting at GESS, she studied in the business bachelor and MMM programs at the University of Mannheim. Prior to that, she obtained bachelor’s degrees in psychology and mathematics from Indiana University Bloomington, and worked as a full time research fellow at Harvard University investigating the social psychological underpinnings of institutional corruption. While writing her master thesis at the Chair of Financial Markets and Financial Institutions at Mannheim, Yufang became fascinated with the role of social preferences in economic behaviors, a line of research she plans to pursue during her doctoral study. She would also like to apply theories and methods from other social sciences, in particular social psychology theories and experimental methods, to the study of economic and financial decision making. Aside from her academic endeavor, Yufang is passionate about creating fusion cuisine and introducing children to Chinese language and culture.

Research Interest:

  • Social preferences in economic behaviors
  • Experimental methods

Why I chose Mannheim:

First of all, I find it absolutely essential that GESS provides students a solid methodological foundation through its intensive first-year training and explicitly fosters interdisciplinary research. Moreover, the finance department at Mannheim, where I wrote my bachelor, seminar and master theses, offers a strong and collaborative research environment. The faculty members here are very inspiring and generous with their time, when it comes to helping students learn to conduct research. The graduate students offer some of the best examples of intellectual curiosity and personal strengths. I am simply thrilled to work with these fantastic people. Last but not least, Mannheim represents a diverse student body, and is very supportive to its international students and scholars. As an international student, I feel at home in Mannheim.