"To be able to conduct high-quality quantitative and qualitative research, the CDSE offers a wide range of methodological courses that prepare you well for this purpose." Sihong Zhang and Katharina Momsen, CDSE

CDSE Course Catalog

Course Registration

For any course you would like to join, please register online by using the registration form in the Course Catalog of the CDSE. For CDSE courses the deadline for registering for courses is February 1 for the spring term and August 25 for the fall term. During the first three weeks of the semester, students may still drop courses. After the first three weeks, de-registrations are no longer accepted and students will be automatically registered for the exam in the respective course.

For CDSB or CDSS courses please register online via the respective center's course catalogue. If you would like to take a course which is not in the GESS course catalogue please contact your Center Manager.

Please note that the GESS administration automatically registers students for the core courses of the program.


Course Evaluation

We constantly strive to improve the program and as a consequence ask all students to evaluate all courses attended. This provides us with invaluable feedback.

Evaluations are anonymous. Username and password will be sent to students by e-mail after they have registered for their courses.