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Can Çelebi


Can Celebi was born in Istanbul, Turkey on 15 December 1985. He has received his bachelor degree in economics from Istanbul University in 2012. He, then, received two master degrees one from the University of Nottingham in 2013 in Economics and one from the University of Istanbul in 2014 in Econometrics. He is interested in various sub-fields of economics. In the University of Nottingham, he wrote his dissertation on the effect of cultural diffusion mechanisms on the level of cooperation in a social system through the emergence complex networks. In the University of Istanbul, he wrote his dissertation on the early warning systems for the financial crisis with a focus on the usage of multinomial logistic regression. He has also done projects on DSGE modelling, Structural VAR modelling, exchange rate forecasting and experimental economics. Aside from economics, he is interested in art history and philosophy. He is a photographer and excited to be in the city of Robert Häusser. He is a wannabe writer, a big fan of Isaac Asimov and a follower of the existentialist literature. He speaks Turkish, English, French und ein bisschen Deutsch. He has played water polo for more than 15 years and hoping to eventually find time to play it in Mannheim.