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Francesco Paolo Conteduca


I was born in Napoli (Italy) in 1986. I graduated in Economics from the University of Naples Federico II in 2011. In 2011/12 I attended a graduate programme in Economics and Finance offered by the same university where I received the Antoine Faure-Grimaud prize. In September 2012 I joined the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences in Mannheim thrilled by the opportunity of working shoulder to shoulder with a young yet established faculty and other researchers coming from all over the world. The initial impressions have been confirmed. During these years I have met other students like me and discovered their broad range of interests. With some of them I have also become friends and shared many memorable moments and days here in Mannheim. In addition to this I have also received a rigorous training that plug many of my knowledge gaps. These years allow me to develop a strong research interests towards applied microeconomic theory and theory and empirics of industrial organization.

Research Interests



Industrial Organization

My advice for prospective students

I warmly suggest you to apply for the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences if you are strongly motivated to start your career as researcher with solid foundations in a dynamic environment. The GESS will offer you all the facilities and the necessary support to bring you to the research frontier.


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Royal Economic Society York Summer School on Game Theory
Place: York, United Kingdom