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Frederick Zadow


Frederick was born in Bad Homburg, Germany and later grew up near Cologne. He completed his Bachelor in Economics at the University of Mannheim. During this time he spent a semester abroad at the University College Dublin in Ireland. In 2016 he started his Master studies in Economics at the University of Mannheim during which he joined the CDSE via the Research Track. After completing the first year of the program, he spent one year at Yale University in the USA as a visiting graduate student, taking field courses mainly in Macroeconomics and Finance. Parallel to his studies, Frederick worked as a teaching assistant in subjects such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics. He gained practical experience working as an intern at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and an economic consulting firm. His research interests are mainly in the intersection of Macroeconomics and Finance, Consumer Finance and Econometrics. In his free time Frederick enjoys all kinds of sports such as climbing and running, traveling and spending time with friends.

Frederick currently receives a scholarship from Stiftung Geld & Währung.