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Marcel Preuß


Marcel Preuß was born in Eberswalde, Germany, in 1990. After graduating from High School in 2009, he studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim and received funding from the German National Academic Foundation. During his undergraduate studies, he interned in the financial services, private equity and consulting sector and spent one semester abroad in Philadelphia. In 2012, he started the Master of Economics at the University of Mannheim and switched to the track of Economic Research after his first semester which he completed only recently by submitting his master's thesis on "Signaling Quality through Prices in an Ordered Search Market. In his spare time, he is into photography, traveling abroad, and skiing and enjoys good food as well as just having drinks or coffee with friends.

Research Interests

Incentive Theory

Industrial Organization

Consumer Search

The best part of being a doctoral student here

At the department of economics, you can join more than half a dozen presentations and talks every week, many of them held by recognized researchers from leading institutions worldwide. Moreover, the excellent network of the Mannheim faculty allows for research stays at other European institutions and participations in a variety of specialized conferences. This not only enables you to keep track with the latest research and to get in touch with pioneers of the field you work in, but also creates an inspiring environment that pushes forward your own research.

A description of my fellow doctoral students

One of the best parts about the GESS student body is its diversity, both intellectual and cultural. Students bring a variety of perspectives, not only from their fields of research but also from their personal histories that have shaped the way they approach and solve various problems.

My most challenging experience within the program

There is virtually no unique most challenging experience for the simple reason that the faculty here challenges you in every moment you talk to them, be it in lectures or in personal discussions about your research.



Conference on Mechanism Design by an Informed Principal
Place: Edesheim, Germany

MaCCI-TSE Competition Economics Workshop
Place: Mannheim, Germany

Workshop on Consumer Search
Place: Bad Homburg, Germany