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Mykola Ryzhenkov

Mykola Ryzhenkov

Mykola was born in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, in 1990. He studied economics at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Kyiv School of Economics. During his undergraduate studies he specialized mainly in international trade (i.e., non-tariff measures in international trade), while his graduate research was focused on resource mis-allocation in Ukrainian manufacturing. After obtaining his master’s degree in 2013, Mykola dedicated four years to working at economic think tanks, such as The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting and Kyiv Economics Institute both in Kyiv, Ukraine. Being a policy researcher, Mykola was involved in a number of projects on international trade (e.g., effects of EU-Ukraine DCFTA) and agriculture (e.g., effects of land market liberalization).

Currently, his research interests lie in the field of International Trade, Industrial Organization and Macroeconomics. In his leisure time, Mykola enjoys reading, playing guitar and songwriting.