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Niccolò Lomys


Niccolò Lomys was born in Florence, Italy. He completed his undergraduate degree in Economics and Business at the University of Florence in 2009. Then, he pursued his studies at the same university with a two-year M.Sc. in Statistics, graduating in 2011 with a thesis on "Optimization in Infinite Dimensional Spaces". In July 2012, he obtained a M.Sc. in Economics from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Niccolò’s research interests are in Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, and their applications, with a focus on strategic learning in dynamic environments. He works on social learning in networks, dynamic bargaining, relational contracts, strategic experimentation, and learning in games. His research also relates to the literatures on search theory, bandit problems and allocation without monetary transfers.

In his spare time, he likes hiking and reading good books (Bulgakov, Dostoevskij, Poe and Szymborska are among his favourite authors). Last but not least, he is a great cycling enthusiast.

Niccolò Lomys is currently on the job market. Please click here for his job market profile.