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Raphael Epperson


Raphael was born in Bonn, Germany. In 2015, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Mannheim and joined the CDSE. During his bachelor studies, he spent one semester at the National University of Singapore, where he developed a strong interest in Environmental Economics. After he had returned, he worked as research assistant at the Center for European Economic Research (Department of Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management) for two years. His primary fields of interest are Behavioral and Environmental Economics. In his free time, he enjoys doing all kinds of sports, reading, and spending time with his family and friends.

Research Interests:

Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics

Why I chose the University of Mannheim and in particular the GESS:

A strong economic department, a well-structured program and the opportunity to learn from other disciplines.

The best part of being a doctoral student here:

I think it is difficult to point out one particular aspect as it is the complete package that makes it a pleasant experience.

A description of my fellow students:

Ambitious, helpful and always open to interesting discussions.

My most challenging experience within the program:

To see the big picture during the first year of the program.

My advice for prospective students:

Make use of the extensive opportunities to deepen your knowledge and develop your research skills.