"Not only did I gain a broad theoretical and methodological approach, I also enjoy the inspiring, interdisciplinary context offered in the CDSS program." Mascha Rauschenbach, CDSS


Psychology is an empirical science that conducts research on psychological structures and behavioral patterns to make predictions and suggestions for changing behavior in a variety of applied settings.

Studies and Research

The Department of Psychology at the University of Mannheim has developed into one of the leading research and teaching institutions in Germany, focusing mainly on the research areas of

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology

One of the primary goals of the department is to connect and expand these research areas by creating new and innovative academic facilities, such as establishing a new chair for Consumer Psychology and by opening up a Collaborative Research Unit on Decision-Making. Further research is also being conducted at the Otto-Selz-Institute (Mannheim Centre for Work and Health), which focuses on the impact of negative influences at the workplace.

The CDSS PhD Program in Psychology offers courses in topical areas of research and advanced methods. The latter provide students with the tools for rigorous and thorough theoretical and empirical analysis, such as experimental design, multivariate and longitudinal analysis, methods of evaluation and assessment as well as modelling of psychic processes. CDSS course catalog