"The Graduate School provides vast resources for doctoral students, including a wide range of courses conducive to training and thesis work." Dominic Ponattu, CDSS

CDSS Course Catalog

Course Registration

Please register online using the registration form in the course catalog. Registration deadlines are February 1 for spring semesters and August 25 for fall semesters. De-registrations are possible within the first three weeks of the course starting, thereafter students will be automatically registered for the exam in the respective course. You can check the general academic calendar for exam periods.

For CDSS elective courses, please also register online through the University Studies Portal and through ILIAS, if applicable. You will only be able to to do so if you already hold a university e-mail account.

For CDSB or CDSE courses please register online through the course catalog of the respective center. If you would like to take a course which is not in the GESS course catalog please contact your Center Manager.

Doctoral students are automatically registered for all core courses.

Course Evaluation

We constantly strive to improve the program and as a consequence ask all students to evaluate all courses attended. This provides us with invaluable feedback.

Evaluations are anonymous. Username and password will be sent to students by e-mail after they have registered for their courses.