"The CDSS provides me with an excellent working environment, including office spaces, administrative support and guaranteed funds, so that I can entirely focus on researching." Anna-Sophie Kurella, CDSS

The CDSS Doctoral Student Awards

Each year, the Center for Doctoral Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences honors their doctoral students through the CDSS Doctoral Student Awards. The awards draw attention to outstanding doctoral student achievements in areas such as research, academic performance, publications, and teaching engagements.

The GESS Young Scholar Award in the Social Sciences

To honor exceptional ideas and achievements in doctoral research and to support professional activities that advance the professionalization and networking of young scientists.

2018 Call for proposals

The 2018 winners are Oke Bahnsen and Ulrich Müller
(winners previous years)

The Teaching Award

To recognize the contributions of CDSS doctoral students to teaching and learning at the School of Social Sciences and acknowledge the substantial contributions doctoral students make towards it.

2018 Call for applications

The 2018 winner is Brittney L. Bolin (winners previous years)

The Publication of the Year Award

To recognize an outstanding publication published/accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal in any given academic year.

2018 Call for applications

The 2018 winners are Marcel Neunhoeffer & Sebastian Sternberg for 'How Cross-Validation Can Go Wrong and What to Do About it' published in Political Analysis.

(winners previous years)