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Degree Procedures

How to register at the School of Social Sciences

CDSS doctoral candidates from 2014 onwards pursue a doctoral degree according to the 2013 procedural regulations of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Mannheim in order to obtain a Dr. rer. soc..

Doctoral candidates of cohorts 2013 and earlier can choose between the regulations leading to either a PhD or a Dr. rer. soc. degree. Both regulations are available on the CDSS regulations overview page.

1: Conclude an advising agreement

The first two pages of the CDSS PhD Milestones outline the responsibilities of doctoral candidates and their supervisors. This document serves as the advising agreement and must be signed by the doctoral candidate as well as the preliminary supervisor(s).

2: Apply for admission as a doctoral candidate

As a CDSS doctoral student you are expected to apply for admission as a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences by at the very latest November, 30.

In order to register, please complete form 1 and present it to your Center Manager for signature together with the original certificate of your Masters/Diploma etc. along with all other documents as set out in form 1. Make sure to complete the correct form 1 as there are two listed on the page.

3: Dissertation proposal

Hand in your dissertation proposal by June, 1. Once your dissertation proposal has been formally accepted by the CDSS you must complete form 1.1  and hand it to the Center Manager together with the completed and signed 1st year Milestones (page 3 of the CDSS PhD Milestones document). This completes your registration as a doctoral student.


How to submit and defend your thesis

1: Read section 9 ‘Admission to the Doctoral Process’ of the regulations.

2: Send a request to your Center Manager asking for a confirmation that you have completed the CDSS program.

3: Complete forms 2 to 2.2 and hand in along with the necessary number of copies of your dissertation and all other documents to the Dean’s Office.

4: Read sections 11 ‘Appointment of Evaluators’ and 12 ‘Examination Committee’ of the regulations!  The Dean will officially appoint referees and the examination committee, once the thesis submission is completed.

5: The evaluators will now read the thesis and submit their reports to the Dean’s Office. The period during which the thesis and the evaluations have to be available at the Dean’s Office (= „Auslagefrist“) starts with the arrival of the last evaluation. The ‘Auslagefrist’ will take two weeks during semester time and four weeks outside of it. Please note that the oral exam can only take place after the end of the ‘Auslagefrist’. (Please read sections 13 – 15 of the regulations).

If an external referee has been appointed the CDSS will cover travel expenses relating to the thesis defence.

6: Publish your thesis according to sections 17 and 18 of the regulations. You are entitled to carry the title only after you have published your thesis in a version approved by the dissertation committee according to the above mentioned sections of the regulations. You will find details on how to publish your thesis on the university library's web page.

You have done it – congratulations!


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