"The CDSS provides me with an excellent working environment, including office spaces, administrative support and guaranteed funds, so that I can entirely focus on researching." Anna-Sophie Kurella, CDSS

CDSS PhD Milestones

The PhD Milestones document is the official advising agreement / work schedule of the three-year CDSS doctoral program. You will obtain a personalised version from the Center Manager.

The first two pages outline the responsibilities of doctoral candidates and their supervisors. They serve as the advising agreement and must be signed by the doctoral candidate as well as the mentor / supervisor(s) and submitted for registration on the doctoral list.

Pages 3 and 4 set out the yearly work schedule (core and elective courses, thesis/research phase etc) and must be completed and submitted to the Center Manager at the end of each academic year.

The contents of this document constitute the practical foundation of the doctoral studies at the CDSS and are complemented by the program and degree regulations.