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Aleksandra Khokhlova

Aleksandra Khokhlova
Social Sciences

Aleksandra Khokhlova holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the National Research University Higher School of Economics - St. Petersburg and a master’s degree in international relations and regional studies (with a focus in the European Union’s political system) from the University of Tartu. She also studied at the University of Adger (June-July 2016) and KU Leuven (Fall 2016). Aleksandra gained research experience by working as a research trainee in the project on the multi-level political systems at the NRE HSE - St.Petersburg and co-authoring articles on EU-Russia studies and MEPs’ sentiments expressed in parliamentary questions. Her main research interest is the MEPs’ responsiveness to their electorate, national parties, and domestic policy priorities through their activities in the supranational legislature.