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Anna Sokolova

Anna Sokolova
Social Sciences

Anna Sokolova obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, specializing in Economic Sociology, at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. She then completed a Research Master in Sociology and Social Research at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In Moscow, Anna worked as a research assistant at the Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology, focusing on projects in sociology of medicine and healthcare, and as a teaching assistant at the Department of Sociology.

In her master thesis Anna develops game-theoretic models of investments in dyadic and institutional embeddedness and tests their predictions with the data collected from a laboratory experiment. During her research internship at Utrecht University, Anna worked on a project that investigates how network structure of online marketplace communities affects cooperative behavior of sellers in these communities. For this purpose, textual and network data were collected from a social networking site.

Anna’s interests include economic and analytical sociology, social networks, trust and cooperation. She is interested in experimental methods in sociology, formal theoretical modelling, and network analysis.