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Clara Husson

Clara Husson
Social Sciences

Clara Husson is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the CDSS. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences at the University College of Sciences Po Paris (France). During her undergraduate studies she spent one year at the University of Mannheim as an exchange student to the field of study Business Administration. For her Master’s degree she studied Political Science at the University of Mannheim. During the first year of her graduate studies, Clara worked as a research assistant at the GESIS Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften in the project on the integration of refugee children and youth and at the MZES in a project on pre-electoral coalition strategies. Throughout her second year graduate studies, Clara worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Political Science, Empirical Democracy Research.

In her Master thesis, she measured populism as a political communication strategy in implementing a linguistic quantitative text analysis of candidate discourse in France. Clara is particularly interested in quantitative political methodology, including Bayesian methods, automated Text Analysis, and Machine Learning. Her substantive research interests lie at the intersection of sociolinguistics and politics: political discourse and rhetoric, politics of free speech and censorship, and the sociolinguistic aspect of political communication on the citizen’s opinion formation