"I really enjoy the scientific diversity and expertise of the GESS student body. It allows us to work closely together, to present our research to each other and exchange ideas." Hannah M. Gringard, CDSS

Constantin Schäfer

Social Sciences

Constantin Schäfer holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science, Economics and Communication Studies (M.A.) from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz and has obtained the Certificate of European Political Studies (CEPE) from the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po) in Strasbourg. In his master thesis, he examined the central determinants of attitudes toward Turkey’s EU accession amongst the citizens of the European Union and analyzed individual and contextual explanatory factors in a comparative research design carrying out a multi-level analysis. He has been awarded for the best M.A. thesis and as best overall graduate of his year by the Department of Political Science.
Constantin gained research and teaching experience by working as a research assistant and tutor at the German Politics and Political Sociology Unit of the University of Mainz chaired by Jürgen W. Falter. Moreover, he has gathered professional experiences at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin and Istanbul, amongst others. Since February 2015 he is research associate and lecturer at the Chair of Comparative Government at the University of Mannheim.

Research Interests

Public Opinion and Euroscepticism

Political Sociology and Psychology

European Integration and EU Studies



6th ECPR Graduate Student Conference
Place: Tartu, Estonia
Paper: "Exit, Voice, or Loyalty? Abstention and Eurosceptic Voting in Times of Crisis"

6th EPSA Annual Conference
Place: Brussels, Belgium
Paper: "Exit, Voice, or Loyalty? Abstention and Eurosceptic Voting in Times of Crisis"

Tag der Politikwissenschaft 2015
Place: Salzburg, Austria
Paper: Eurosceptic or Indifferent? Understanding the European Non-voters

European Election Studies
Place: Mannheim, Germany
Paper: EU Policy Alienation and Abstention

EPOP 2015
Place: Cardiff, UK
Paper: Understanding the Non-voters in the 2014 EP Elections

ACCESS Europe Summer School on Democracy and the Financial Crisis in Europe
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

22nd International Conference of the Europeanists
Place: Paris, France
Paper: The Impact of the Euro Crisis and Eurosceptic Attitudes on Participation in the 2014 EP Elections

Jahrestagung des DVPW-Arbeitskreises "Wahlen und Politische Einstellungen" - Nichtwahl und non-elektorale Formen politischer Partizipation im Spiegel der Wahl- und Einstellungsforschung
Place: Düsseldorf, Germany
Paper: Eurosceptic, Crisis-Ridden or Simply Indifferent? Understanding the European Non-voters

DVPW Comparative Politics Section Conference
Place: Hamburg, Germany
Paper: Mobilization, withdrawal, or both? Crisis Effects on Turnout in the 2014 EP Elections

1st Leuven-Montréal Winter School in Elections and Electoral Behavior
Place: Leuven, Belgium
Paper: European Elections in Times of Trouble

5th ECPR Graduate Student Conference
Place: Innsbruck, Austria
Paper: European Identity in Times of Crisis

3rd ECPR Winter School on Methods and Techniques
Place: Vienna, Austria