"I really enjoy the scientific diversity and expertise of the GESS student body. It allows us to work closely together, to present our research to each other and exchange ideas." Hannah M. Gringard, CDSS

David Hilpert

Social Sciences

David Hilpert completed his bachelor and master’s degrees in Political Science at the University of Mannheim, with stays abroad at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.

Research interests:

His research focuses on theories of institutional emergence, effects and change, particularly in a European Union setting. Currently, he is particularly interested in the decision making of the European Court of Justice, and how it depends on its political environment. He is also extremely interested in quantitative methods, and philosophy of science more generally.

Why I chose the University of Mannheim and in particular the GESS:

The main reason behind my choice was the school’s reputation and how I experience my fellow students live up to the expectations that follow from it. An environment with so many extremely bright people with methodological and theoretical expertise also challenges me to get better every day.