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Ulrich Müller

Ulrich Müller
Social Sciences

Ulrich did his Bachelor in psychology with the focus on clinical psychology and behaviour at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Afterwards he followed a research master in behavioural science and a master in clinical psychology at the Radboud University and holds a MSc Degree in both fields. Next to his studies he worked for two years as a research assistant conducting data analysis for the Accreditation Committee Behavioural Interventions Judicial System for the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice in Den Haag.

He tries to bring his experience in clinical psychology and research together by focusing on building applications for clinical practice based on fundamental research. During his research master in behavioural science and a subsequent collaboration he did laboratory as well as field experiments to test the clinical application of the peak-end memory bias in Exposure Therapy for specific phobia using psychometric as well as biopsychological measures.

Before enrolling as a PhD Candidate at the CDSS at University of Mannheim, Ulrich worked a couple of months as a Psychologist with children. In the PhD program Ulrich will work together with the research group Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy which pursues the same goal: Integrating fundamental research and application-oriented research about psychopathology and psychotherapy.

Research Interest:

Clinical Interventions

Psycho-biological Measures


Memory and its Biases

Exposure Therapy