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Verena Kunz

Verena Kunz
Social Sciences

Verena Kunz is a PhD Candidate at the Doctoral Center in Social and Behavioural Sciences (CDSS) at the University of Mannheim. She holds a bachelor‘s degree in Political Science and Communication Studies from the University of Vienna and a master’s degree in Political Science with a focus on quantitative methods from the University of Mannheim. During her master studies, she spent one semester abroad at Lund University in Sweden. Verena gained research experience during her positions as a research assistant at the Collaborative Research Center SFB 884, the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) and the Assistant Professorship in European Politics. Currently, she is working as a teaching and research assistant at the Chair of Political Science II (Prof. Dr. Thomas König) at the University of Mannheim.

Research interests:

Her research interests include topics of European integration and governance such as the dynamics and practices of EU policy-making as well as the relationship between public opinion, electoral behavior and Euroscepticism. Methodologically, she has a strong interest in quantitative methods, including quantitative textual analysis.