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CDSE Alumnus Hanno Foerster receives young talent award of the Joachim Herz Foundation

The Joachim Herz Foundation awarded Hanno Foerster the third prize for young talents which is endowed with 10,000 euros. The German Business Award of the Joachim Herz Foundation is awarded every two years for outstanding interdisciplinary research in economics. It is the most valuable award for economics in Germany.

In his contribution, Hanno Foerster deals with the question which influence child and spouse maintenance payments have on starting work after a divorce. He shows that significantly higher maintenance payments for children and lower payments for divorced spouses increase the willingness to start work and thus increase the benefits for society as a whole.

Hanno Foerster earned his doctoral degree in 2019 from the University of Mannheim. In the same year, he became a research affiliate at the Institute of Labor Economics in Bonn and is an Assistant Professor at Boston College.