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Michèle Tertilt will be recognized with the Leibniz Prize for her outstanding work

We are very happy and incredibly proud to announce that our future CDSE Academic Director Michèle Tertilt will receive the prestigious 2019 Leibniz Prize for her important contributions at the intersection of macroeconomics, development economics, and family economics, particularly her work on the economic implications of gender roles and family dynamics. In her article „Women’s Liberation: What’s in It for Men?“ (2009) Tertilt examines the evolution of women's legal rights during the second half of the nineteenth century and, in particular, men’s incentives to support these rights. Her research offers an entirely new perspective on the relationship between traditional family role models and the development of women’s economic and political rights.

Michèle Tertilt studied economics at Bielefeld University and the University of Minnesota, where she also earned her PhD. Subsequently she worked as an Assistant Professor at Stanford University, spent a year at the University of Pennsylvania and one year as a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, before joining the University of Mannheim, where she has held a full professorship since 2010.

The Joint Committee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) selected ten researchers, four women and six men, to receive the 2019 Leibniz Prize. The recipients of the prize were chosen by the selection committee from 122 nominees and will receive €2.5 million each. Tertilt has already won numerous awards, including the Gossenpreis in 2013 and the Yrjö Jahnsson Award in 2017.

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